October 17, 2011

Review: Geek Chic Cosmetics - Science Fiction Double Feature, Back to the Fuschia, Happy Ending

Okay so call me addicted... (YOU'RE ADDICTED!) Thank you, but when I saw the LE Halloween set from Geek Chic Cosmetics, I knew it was something I had to have. The only thing I wasn't 100% sold on was the pink blush but we'll get into that in a moment.


Some of the items came in the typical organza bag, but I was actually surprised but happy to see a bag with owls peering out at me. On it were the trademark lips from Rocky Horror Picture Show and I knew instantly that it was Science Fiction Double Feature. A very nice touch ladies for those who may have too many organza bags. ;) The package also came with a min-frisbee with a black spider on it. :D

L to R: I'm Going Home, Madness Takes Its Toll, Sane Inside Insanity, and Rose Tint My World
 Eye Shadows:
I'm Going Home - Described on the site as a Robin's Egg Blue, I think this is the truest one I've seen. It has a frosty sheen to it which makes it a great lash liner but it can also be applied sheer all over the lid or as a crease color. In some ways, this color also reminds me of Smurfs and I kept thinking of Smurfette when I put this Sane Inside Insanity.

Madness Takes Its Toll - I was a little nervous about this color because I'm not normally a fan of very pale pastels but this makes an amazing, shimmery highlight with just a hint of melon-y green to it. I put it with Shiro Cosmetics to blend it out and lighten things up a little bit. My one complaint is that Madness seemed just the tiniest bit chalkier when applying it.

Sane Inside Insanity - A pale, pastel gold. It's not something I've seen around. I love blending this on the eyelid with Rose Tint My World on the outer corner of the lid. It definitely leans to the warmer orange-yellows than the green side of the spectrum but it still goes well with Madness Takes Its Toll.

Rose Tint My World - Probably my favorite eye color out of all of these. It's a warm rose color with an orange-gold almost duochrome-y glitter. From one angle on my lid you get the rosey pink and from another angle you get a warm orange sparkle. This is why I like blending it with Sane Inside Insanity.
L to R: Happy Ending, Back to the Fuschia, Sweet Transvestite

Happy Ending - When I put in my first lippie order, I realized that most of the colors I got would not be kosher for every day or the work place, so I thought I would add this clear gloss to my list and I am very happy with it. It's able to be worn on its own for an iridescent sparkle or over just about any lip color you could imagine. Very versatile.

Back to the Fuschia - Although my name didn't win the contest, I've been looking for another great hot pink lipstick and this time in an indie product. My current Holy Grail is Tokidoki's Lip Balm Stain in Pink Martini but this is a very close match. It may not be a balm or a stain but the color is beautiful and it starts semi-opaque so you can build it if you want to. Although the site says it is buttercream frosting flavored, I couldn't smell or taste it. Your mileage may vary.

Sweet Transvestite - A deep maroon, it looks rusty brown in the tube. This is one of those lippies I prefer to blot and then put clear gloss over because it brings out the red undertones. More reserved for evenings out and possibly with a neutral eye on formal days or evenings. Definitely matches Frank's awesome lips.

Touch Me - Okay, first of all, I had some trouble getting the swatch to show up on camera so I will do my best to make an addendum with a swatch as soon as I can. This blush looks bright in the jar and it is described as a candy pink. However if you take just the tracest amount and blend it over your cheek bone you actually do get a healthy pink blush that isn't too bright or over powering. This is the product that surprised me in the most positive way.

Final Verdict:
I wish the Science Fiction Double Feature set wasn't Limited Edition. A lot of the pastels are amazing for every day wear and Sane Inside Insanity and Rose Tint My World would work very well for the workplace without being too distracting. I love Back to the Fuschia because it's very close in color to my HG Tokidoki Lip Balm Stain. I never once imagined wearing bright pink blush but the sheer and buildable Touch Me just works.

FotD: We're the Misfits, Our Songs are Better!

 Okay so on my post yesterday, a reader (Alison) requested that I do a look using Shiro Cosmetics' Rattata. Being that it's October, I thought I would do a long overdue Misfits inspired look and I chose lead singer Pizzazz. To me, she always stood out with her bright lime green hair and the purple makeup so I played up those parts.


  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
  • Laura Mercier SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer

  • Shiro Cosmetic's Acid - inner half of the lid
  • Shiro Cosmetic's Rattata - outer half of lid
  • Geek Chic Cosmetic's Madness Takes Its Toll - Crease
  • Maybelline Falsies Flared - Blackest Black

  • Geek Chic Cosmetic's Geek Gloss - Happy Ending
  • Another alternative if this is for costume or you want something more dramatic - Geek Chic Cosmetic's Joystick - Back to the Fuschia

  • Geek Chic Cosmetics - Touch Me

October 16, 2011

EotD: Legendary Kokiri

Products Used:

  • Kokiri Forest - Shiro Cosmetics - Eyelid
  • Rupee - Shiro Cosmetics - Crease
  • Link - Shiro Cosmetics - Lining upper and outer lower lash line
  • Falsies Flared Mascara - Maybelline - Upper and Lower Lashes in Blackest Black

October 15, 2011

FotD: Want You Gone


  • Thinking With Portals - Shiro Cosmetics
  • A Neat Gun - Shiro Cosmetics
  • Falsies Flared Blackest Black - Maybelline

  • Hipster Ariel - Geek Chic Cosmetics
My left eye has Thinking With Portals as the eyelid color with A Neat Gun  in the outer corner and my right eye has it reversed.


Catch Up: Shiro Cosmetics

So I am finally starting to spread my wings ad try some other companies. I recently bought 3 full-size jars and 23 sample baggies from Caitlin of Shiro Cosmetics.

First of all, I was very surprised to find 2 extra sample baggies in BOTH of my orders. This floored me because I don't usually expect something like this with sample only orders. As far as packaging, my orders came in organza bags. My full-size order came with two delicious pieces of candy. A nice little extra. The green tea candy was delish.

Shiro Cosmetics has a Mix n' Match offer where depending on how many you order, you'll get a tiered discount. Since I got at least 20 samples, they came out to abut 85 cents per color. Even less when you consider the two extra samples she threw in. :) Shipping was prompt and Caitlin was very friendly in all communication.

My sample of Majora's Mask to show just how much product is in a baggie.
My swatches are divided for the most part by color family. All swatch photos were taken without flash in natural indoor light. First up, we have the greens.

L to R: Acid, Bulbasaur, Rupee, Kokiri Forest, and Link
 I think these are some of my favorite greens that I've seen yet. Most of the ones I got were sheer and glittery which I like for colors that can be strong.

Acid is a bright chartreuse green. Something I wouldn't have bought at first but I am getting used to taking risks. I think this would be amazing blended in with a yellow such as Pikachu or even used in tandem with Bulbasaur. The color seemed a bit deeper in the center and lighter around the edges. That would probably be my only complaint is that the color itself didn't apply evenly.

Bulbasaur is very true to the color of its namesake like all of the colors named after Pokemon. I would probably describe this almost as a lettuce green. It also matches the organza bag my samples came in perfectly. This one is more sheer than Acid and this works to its advantage.

Rupee is a sheer yellow green, similar to Acid however the application is even lighter.

Kokiri Forest is a neutral olive-y green. I love this and this is being added to my arsenal for work. I might even line it with Link.

Link is a deep green to match its namesake's tunic. This will more than likely be just a liner color for me as it's a deep matte but that's not a bad thing at all. It's very smooth and perfect for wet application.

Overall, these are some great colors. Acid seems just a little chalky and the color seems deeper at the center of the application than at the edges but I may need to work with it and get used to it a little more.

L to R: Spiritomb, Rattata, Reverse Psychology, Majora's Mask
 Spiritomb is as ethereal as it's ghost Pokemon namesake. It reminds me of the cloud that makes up Spiritomb's body and only adds a little bit of color. Another great color for daily wear as it's not too overwhelming.

Rattata is a deep warm purple that also matches the fur of the cute yet common rat Pokemon that annoyed me endlessly in the original game with how common it was. This color is nowhere near as annoying though. It's purple enough that it won't just look like a bruise but still warm. I will probably experiment with this as a liner as well.

Reverse Psychology is from the Portal inspired Science collection. Very pale, almost pure silver and a great way to add that glitter.

Majora's Mask is vibrant but more on the cool spectrum of purple. It's more matte and it really reminds me of Geek Chic Cosmetic's What's Under the Helmet? I will probably do a comparison swatch soon but that was my first impression at least.

L to R: Squirtle, Gyarados, Emancipation Grid, A Neat Gun, Oshus, Veran
 I have to say that the vibrant blues definitely caught my eye and that's part of the reason why I have so many.

Squirtle evokes the look and feel of shimmering water. Matching the main coloration of my second favorite starter Pokemon.

Gyarados, well who knew that Magikarp would evolve into such awesomness? The same goes for this vibrant blue shadow. Although it will be relegated to use as a liner, I'm thinking it may need blending with Blue Box from A'dor Beauty Supplies to see how they look together.

Emancipation Grid is a sheer blue with tons of glitter. Usually this grid means you lose any items you had in the previous room, but I think of more positives with this color than negatives.

A Neat Gun is what I would call the perfect Portal blue. It's a light shimmery blue with orange glitter in it. That's the exact opposite of Thinking With Portals which I will be writing about in a moment. I am hoping to do a gijinka GLaDOS costume and this will be an integral part of my look.

Oshus is a deep blue with gold sparks in it. Fitting of the Ocean King from Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It also makes me think of one of the spirits as well that has a blue tinge to it.

Veran is a deep navy blue. It reminds me of Solid Snake from Geek Chic but there are some very obvious differences. Solid Snake has a lot more glitter than Veran. This was one of the extra samples I got from Caitlin and it will be used as a liner.

L to R: Subrosia, Master Sword, Brock the Rock, Boomerang, Small Key, Vulpix
 I went for a lot of browns in the hopes that I could find at least one color that I could wear to work and silently show my geekdom. I definitely found at least three colors.

Subrosia is a deep reddish brown with red glitter. Not my first choice in colors but I've been pleasantly surprised and I think this would make a great rusty liner or accent color. This was another one of the extra samples I received with my order.

Master Sword is an amazing highlight color. The gold is very pale and it's something that blends really well with my skintone. It's added to my holy grail products for neutral eye shadows.

Brock the Rock  is another extra sample and I am so happy it was included. I think this would make a great alternative to Everything is Bears which has both gold and red glitter in it and may overwhelm some people.

Boomerang is more of an orange toned gold. A great metallic and not a shade of gold that you see very often.

Small Key is more of a typical shade of gold. Nothing really stood out to me for this.

Vulpix a deep copper which is one of my go to shades. I want to use this as a metallic liner.
L to R: Thinking With Portals, Charmander, Pikachu
 Thinking With Portals as I mentioned before is the opposite of A Neat Gun. This is an orange base with a blue shift. Both of the colors are nice and sheer and are perfect for any fan of Chell or even GLaDOS.

Charmander is slightly deeper and a little more matte orange. A great highlight color.

Pikachu is a yellow with red glitter. The thing I like about Shiro's eye shadows is that the glitter is so small, you can usually spot the different colors but it's not overwhelming by any means. I got this eye shadow to use as part of my gijinka Pichu cosplay.
L to R: Porygon, Mew, Clefairy
 Porygon surprised me. It's the deepest of all the pinks but still somewhat sheer. I have to be careful with this though or I could look sleepy.

Mew is exactly what I want in a pink. It's shimmery and sheer, and plenty of glitter.

Clefairy takes the sheerness one step futher. Suitable for both cheeks and eyes more than likely as it will add just a small amount of blush to the cheeks.
Articuno was a color that I didn't have others from Shiro to really compare it to. It is a pure silver and I'll probably compare it to some other silvers side by side so I can get a better idea of what may or may not make it different. A great highlight color and very smooth.

Final Verdict:
Would I order this again? Absolutely. Both full size jars and samples are great deals. I am looking forward to trying some of her lippies as well. The price point is amazing especially if you take advantage of her Mix and Match sets like I did with the samples. She also generously packs both the jars and the baggies. My only tiny complaint is that in my full size jar of Pikachu the product was so packed in the jar that it wouldn't come through the sifter so I had to remove it and loosen the eye shadow and then put it back. A very solid showing.

October 14, 2011

Catch Up: Big Geek Chic Review Post

So I recently got a big order from Geek Chic Cosmetics and I wanted to do a huge swatch post. Some of these swatches are comparing similar color families and include previous purchases as I wanted to show the differences between certain colors and just why they ARE worth getting.
L to R: What's Under the Helmet? (N7), Game Over (Mushroom Kingdom), Fear Bomb (10 Man Raid), and Ambassador (Big Damn Heroes)
First up are the purples. I've been obsessed with trying this color due to it being great for parties and nights out. I also have interesting eyes because even though I was raised thinking I had plain brown eyes, I actually have a little bit of my dad's hazel eyes. Purple tends to bring out the green in them which is something I love. I can really play with some color theory and how eye shadow changes the color of me eyes.

The new colors I got in this order were:

  • Fear Bomb
  • Ambassador
Fear Bomb from the 10 Man Raid set is something I've been eyeing for a long time. It's on the cooler side of purple which I find is something that suits me quite a bit better. One thing about warmer purples is that a lot of the time, they make your eyes look bruised and tired and that's not a good thing at all. Cooler purples are a bit easier to manipulate and place on the lid in such a way that it actually enhances your eyes. Fear Bomb is slightly sheer as well. It's in between the dark intense What's Under the Helmet? and the ultra-sheer Game Over.

Ambassador falls into that tricky warm purple family. It's no fault of the company and I fell in love with this color almost immediately. It's a pink toned purple with gold glittery highlights in it. I think with a bit of eyeliner this would work out and I feel like that would be an amazing Inara/Companion look.

L to R: Inevitable Betrayal (Big Damn Heroes), Twilight Princess (Hyrule), Riddle Me This (Single Player)
New greens to my collection:

  • Inevitable Betrayal
  • Twilight Princess
  • Riddle Me This
Inevitable Betrayal is another color that I've been eyeing for a long time. I'd describe it as an olive green. It's precisely what I think of when I think of dinosaurs which were an important part of this scene where we first met Wash in Firefly. This is more than likely going to be one of my go to colors for when I start work. I need to keep my makeup somewhat neutral but I think this has enough color to satiate my artistic side without being too distracting.

Twilight Princess was a color that I originally thought I would just use as a liner because it looked so dark in the swatches but when I got it, I couldn't help but try it out for religious services. It's more a green toned grey in my opinion which went quite well with my grey outfit. I had lined it with Solid Snake from the Single Player set and put Inevitable Betrayal in the crease. This one is more for evening or formal but a color not to be dismissed.

Riddle Me This is Phil's first try at making a color and I love the green tone with purple glitter. I think this is more of a weekend color than anything else but the green is sheer enough to use as an accent color. Something I was pleasantly surprised to find out. :) Kudos to Phil for this wonderful addition to Geek Chic's Single Player line up.

This next swatch is one that I didn't have a similar color family to from Geek Chic so I decided to swatch it with blues from two other companies who's reviews are forthcoming.

L to R: Blue Your Mind (Pollen Cosmetics), Blue Box (A'dor Beauty Supplies), Solid Snake (Geek Chic's Single Player collection)
Solid Snake is the only new Geek Chic color in this set of swatches and it's one that to date I have only used as a liner. I've been a fan of dark blue liners for a while and this one adds a little sparkle to the classic dark blue almost black liner.

Now for something which I had yet to buy at any point in time... Lippies.

Hipster Ariel
Hipster Ariel  is part of the Joysticks collection and probably the only one that the flavoring was obvious. I love Spearmint so that's not a bad thing at all. I had originally gotten this for LARP (live-action role play for the uninitiated) and I LOVE it. The coverage is great and the new slimline tubes are perfect for my tiny lips. Coverage is usually an issue because I have highly pigmented lips.

Electric Rat
Okay so I got Electric Rat because it was the perfect finish to a last minute gijinka Pichu costume I made. The costume was a hit at MatsuriCon but I wanted to add the touches of makeup to just push it further over the top and I think I've found it. Another lipstick with great coverage although the flavoring of fall spices and "Seduction" wasn't apparent in this one.

Mana Potion Geek Gloss
I wasn't sure quite what to think of Mana Potion but it's another one I got for Halloween/LARP. It's a sheer sky blue which makes it even more than just a sheer version of Hipster Ariel. Perfect for the Snow Queen or anyone who needs blue lips. ;) Due to their gloss nature they aren't as full coverage as the Joysticks but the blue of this still shows up brightly.

The Darkness Geek Gloss
The Darkness is another one for LARP but I was very pleasantly surprised to see how well it works for everyday. The gunmetal grey base mixes well with my lip pigmentation but also adds a dark silvery sparkle. Probably my newest holy grail product.

The geek glosses are a little sticky but it feels good, like it's protecting my lips and when I take it off, my lips are very soft.

Joystick (top) and Geek Gloss (bottom 2) packaging
Would I buy lippies again? In a heartbeat... In fact, I am currently waiting on Back to the Fuschia, Sweet Transvestite, and Happy Ending in my next shipment. I will be sure to swatch those for you and you can expect some reviews coming soon. As for the eye shadows, I'm almost always floored and these colors were ones that I had been dying to get. I was especially surprised when Twilight Princess turned out to be more than just a liner color for me.

October 12, 2011

Halloween FotD: Spooky Goth

Okay, so when I set out to do this FotD, I didn't really have any specific inspiration for it. I had just gotten a haul from Geek Chic Cosmetics and wanted to see how a few of my colors looked together.
Photo taken indoors with artificial light...

  • Geek Chic Cosmetics - Inevitable Betrayal - all over eyelid.
  • Geek Chic Cosmetics - Twilight Princess - lining upper lash line
  • Geek Chic Cosmetics - Riddle Me This - in the crease

  • Geek Chic Cosmetics Geek Gloss - The Darkness

The Darkness does gray out my lips a little which is precisely what I wanted for this look. It's hard for me to find a good lipgloss that will do this because my lips are so highly pigmented on their own. I also focused on the main attraction of my eyes being the neutral olive green of Inevitable Betrayal.

Reviews forthcoming on individual Geek Chic products.

Many apologies for the slightly blurry photos. I had to take them with my webcam.