October 17, 2011

FotD: We're the Misfits, Our Songs are Better!

 Okay so on my post yesterday, a reader (Alison) requested that I do a look using Shiro Cosmetics' Rattata. Being that it's October, I thought I would do a long overdue Misfits inspired look and I chose lead singer Pizzazz. To me, she always stood out with her bright lime green hair and the purple makeup so I played up those parts.


  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
  • Laura Mercier SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer

  • Shiro Cosmetic's Acid - inner half of the lid
  • Shiro Cosmetic's Rattata - outer half of lid
  • Geek Chic Cosmetic's Madness Takes Its Toll - Crease
  • Maybelline Falsies Flared - Blackest Black

  • Geek Chic Cosmetic's Geek Gloss - Happy Ending
  • Another alternative if this is for costume or you want something more dramatic - Geek Chic Cosmetic's Joystick - Back to the Fuschia

  • Geek Chic Cosmetics - Touch Me

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