June 30, 2011

Finding New Friends Blog Hop

So I thought I would join this bloghop so that I can meet new people and hopefully bring a few new people here. If you've found me through the bloghop then WELCOME! If not then WELCOME! ;)

EOTD: Codex, the Healer

Do you know anyone addicted to an MMO? Are you that person? Either way, the hijinx of The Guild is for you. This wacky webseries follows the misadventures of members in an in-game guild as they band together in real life.

This EotD was inspired by the guild healer, Codex, as played by Felicia Day. While the colors aren't an exact match, I feel that it captures the feel of the character as well as accenting the eye in just the right way.

For the color on my eyes, I used the above trio, Spoiled Brat by Wet n' Wild. As always I primed my eyes with Too Face Shadow Insurance as well.

First, after priming my eyes, I patted the browbone color, which is a shimmery silver on the inside half of my eyelid. I didn't go too far up my browbone because I am doing half and half color. I also applied some of the silver on my lower lash line.

Then, I took the eyelid color, which is the bright deep pink and patted it on the other half. You don't want to blend the main pink too much or else it will fade the color and it may look more like an irritation than an awesome color. I blended by just patting a small amount of the silver over the middle line.

Then, I took a small brush and the sparkly black crease color and lined my lash line with it to give it a little bit of that smoky look.

The look was finished off with MAC False Lashes mascara on the upper lash line.

These photos taken in natural light. I will have photos with flash ASAP.

Swatches: Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trios

So this is to supplement my previous review. Just thought I would post photos of some swatches in natural light.
L to R in natural light: I Dream of Greenie  the Eyelid, Crease, and Browbone colors.

L to R in natural light: Spoiled Brat Browbone, Crease, and Eyelid colors.

Spoiled Brat's colors made me instantly think of Codex from The Guild as her costume colors are predominantly a deep pink, white, and gold so I would subtitute the silver in for the white and probably use the black as a liner. This is probably going to be my next Eye of the Day as well. 

Also Note: These photos are swatches without primer. When I do my eyes, I always use a primer and my primer of choice at the moment is Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It increases the vibrance of the color and also increases wear time.

June 29, 2011

Review: Wet n' Wild Color Icon Trio Eyeshadows

So I had to go pick up my prescription today and I saw something I've been wanting to try. It was only $2.99 per trio so I though why not? Also I had heard that Wet n' Wild was an amazing budget cosmetics brand if you like high pigmented colors.
These are the two trios I bought. I used the one on the left which is called I Dream of Greenie in my EOTD: Patty O'Green entry from earlier today. On the right is Spoiled Brat.

Relatively simple for a trio, but what I love about these are the applicators. I've never been a fan of sponge applicators that come with eyeshadows but this one works really well. It's not hard to pick up color with a single, light swipe. The other applicator is a brush and is a little bit scratchy however even so, I like it because it's easy to blend into the crease. Each package has instructions on the back for a simple eye look as well. Another great thing is that they've pressed the locations for the colors right into the eyeshadow. True, it will wear down if you use it but by the time you do, you should know it by heart.

I... Love... These... Colors. From the moment I pattted the eyelid color in the bottom of the palette on, it was a vibrant green and has stayed that way. There's no creasing and the color isn't fading to show my skin very much. Both of the greens stay vibrant for a while.

Do I really need to explain how great of a value these are for $3.99?

Bottom Line:
I want the whole collection of colors, simple as that. They have great themes and range of color so one can get a natural or a dramatic look. I will probably pick up Walking on Eggshells next due to its neutral browns and cream colors.


EOTD: Patty O'Green

I love this look so far. It's a daring day look using Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in I Dream of Greenie. I decided to do what I've learned as a smoky eye. However I knew going in that it's wouldn't be that smoky. I'm really pleased with the results and the more I looked at it, the more I thought of Patty O'Green from Rainbow Brite.
As always, I primed my lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the mascara was MAC False Lashes but otherwise all of the shadows are from the same Wet n' Wild palette. Even my eyeliner was the same brand.

After I primed my lids, I took the medium color and patted it all over the main part of the lid. I made sure to go all the way down the lash line but I was very careful not to blend it too much into the corners or the crease.

After this, I took what was supposed to be the crease color and blended it along the upper lash line. Then, took the browbone color and blended it into the crease. You can take this up to the browbone if you wish, but I wanted to keep this at least a little subdued (HA!) for daytime.

After the colors are blended together, I took a black eyeliner pencil also from Wet n' Wild and lined my upper lash line.

Then, I applied two coats of black MAC False Lashes mascara.

Pretty simple to do and a stunning look IMO.

June 28, 2011

Video Game Reunion Creator Needs Our Help!

Hey everyone,

While I try to keep this to makeup and beauty, I also felt that this cause was worth it to put a link up. This kind of issue hits very close to my heart. While I don't know Matt Lewis personally, he been diagnosed with a rare blood disease known as Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria. This means he has to get constant blood transfusions. He needs our help.

How can you help? Well, if you can, go donate blood under his name. You may need his birthdate which is in the article linked at the end of this entry. When you donate a pint of blood in Matt's name, you free up another pint to be used in his transfusions. It's not that hard for people to do and someone needs it.

One thing I have learned throughout my years in fandom is how we band together in times of need.


Thank you.

Review: Jordana Cosmetics - Lip Out Loud Lipgloss in VIP

So I had totally forgotten that I signed up to try their new lipgloss. As a disclaimer, this offer was available to all consumers and this free product is a full size product. It isn't technically a review sample. I am doing this full review on my own.

First of all, I'd like to preface this with an apology about the quality and size of pictures. I left my camera at a friend's place and I am waiting potential return. I will try and do some supplemental posts for all of my reviews with better pictures but I think these will suffice for the time being. These are taken by webcam so there is no flash. All natural light.

Above is the packaging. I was very happy to see a bright pink gloss as it seems the colors of the samples were sent out randomly. I use a lot of gloss whether it's over lipstick or just over my natural lips as it adds something regardless.

The applicator was something new to me. It's similar to a doe's foot applicator but it's thinner. I really like this because I have such tiny lips. I don't feel like I'm wasting product because I am putting so much outside my lips.

As I opened the bottle for the first time, I got a sweet melony scent coming from the gloss. I personally love this. I'm not one for scented lipgloss as much as I used to be but the melon is so refreshing.

As I put the lipgloss on, I found it actually pretty soothing. It's not sticky at all which amazed me because most glosses have even just a tiny bit of stickiness.

Not sure if the above picture really does this justice. There isn't any color to the gloss at all but it really does add a patent leather shine like the advertising suggests. I have an intense color to my lips naturally so I don't wear lipstick unless I am getting dressed up and I know I would absolutely wear this over any color.

This gloss didn't wear off until I ate dinner that night which was a good 2-3 hours after application. I keep my lipgloss in my purse so re-application isn't a problem. The thing I love is that after the gloss came off, my lips felt soft and moisturized which is hard to find in a gloss. A lot of times, glosses are more drying than lipstick or balm.

BOTTOM LINE? I will absolutely buy this again. I really didn't have any negatives to this product. It suits my needs, the packaging is nice and small so it's great for the purse so that you can apply it everyday. It looks good over lipstick or just over one's natural lips. It's a versatile gloss that can do just about anything. It's not drying and actually allows lips to feel great and comfortable.

EDIT: I forgot to include a swatch on my hand so here it is!

This is in indoor light. No flash.

EDIT: I put in a better close-up of my lips. I hope this works. :D

June 27, 2011

The Facebook Page

Just a very quick reminder that I do syndicate new posts on this blog to Facebook. We even have our own page. I hope folks will join and participate and start discussions on what you guys would like to see.

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June 26, 2011

Pro-Look: Jessica From True Blood

I was inspired by Erin Mikesell's Jessica inspired look from True Blood. Her blog is here (linked directly to the page where she has her look based on Jessica). I decided to try this for my cousin's wedding and Hallie from MAC was happy to oblige. Here are some photos without the dress. I will post some photos with the dress hopefully soon.

My photos aren't the best at the moment, but I will try and post an addendum with better pics ASAP as well.

June 24, 2011

Pro-Look: MAC Smoky Pink Look

So another day experimenting and seeing what some of the pros do. This was an experiment with the Wonder Woman eyeshadow palette by MAC.

I think I like the MAC style of smoky eye a little bit better. I'm still up in the air if we're going to do this for the wedding but it is a very nice and nominal impact look.

June 23, 2011

Review: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - Sachs

A sensual scent, compelling and passionate, that stays close to the skin: Roman chamomile, bourbon vanilla, and smoky vanilla bean. 
Definitely a scent that took me by surprise but in a good way! I was expecting a pure vanilla scent but I was surprised to find hints of the chamomile coming to the forefront as my body chemistry blended with the oil. This is another one I bought at Dragon*Con 2010 and have been thoroughly pleased with. It does indeed stay close to the skin which is something I like. There are times when I am close to that special someone and they've complimented this fragrance that it is my go to for those times when I need to feel a little... Actually, very sexy.

To order a bottle visit Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

June 22, 2011

Quintessential Color: Copper Penny by Revlon

Okay well, I want to preface this to say that I am not sure how well this wears yet as I only just applied it. I got this bottle of gorgeous copper polish in a swap and I am already loving it as far as color goes. It's an amazing neutral which for me to say that means it's great. I'm not one to do neutrals on my nails. I chose a copper color because of all of my Steampunk stuff and this will go great. When it's darker in the room or low-light, the color doesn't pop as much but when you put it under direct sunlight, the orangey copper tones come through. It is definitely a true metallic which is another thing I love. :)

I will do a follow up soon with some observations on how it wears but until then, I wanted to share this wonderful color.

June 21, 2011

EOTD: Rippin' Str8 to Your Heart

This eye of the day was inspired by the members of Str8 Rippin'. Another pro team in the MLG, these guys took 2nd place at MLG Columbus. 

This is their logo which inspired the look through their team colors. All of the eye colors came from the Sephora Color Play 5-in-1 Palette. First though, I made sure my eyelids were properly primed with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Then I patted on a shimmery bright blue. I took a flat, stiff brush and used a dark navy blue from the palette to line my lash line. At the outer corners, I used a shimmery black and patted it on to build up some color but kept it to a very small area. Then, I put Pro Longwear Mascara from MAC in Burnt Umber on my upper lashes only.

I think this look is a great casual eye that still has some pop to it. You can wear it with jeans or with something a little bit dressier.

On the Face:

  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude
On the Eyes:

  • Sephora Color Play 5-in-1 Palette:
    • Bright Shimmery Blue - all over
    • Shimmery Black - outer corner
    • Deep Navy Blue - liner
  • MAC Pro Longwear Mascara - Burnt Umber

June 20, 2011

EOTD: The Godsquad

So I've been wanting to do eye makeup based on some of the top Halo teams but I didn't have the makeup palette or the selection of colors to really do what I wanted with my makeup. Well, today that's changed. With my new Sephora 5-in-1 palette in hand, I set off to make a look based on the current Godsquad of Halo, Roy, Lunchbox, Ogre2, and IGotUrPistola, the current line up of Instinct.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Major League Gaming, let me give you an idea. Major League Gaming, or the MLG, is a videogaming league. Their main attraction is usually Halo (right now, Halo: Reach) but they have other games spotlighted as well. This year, they also have Call of Duty: Black Ops and Starcraft II. I started attending events in 2009 with MLG Columbus as Press and since then I have gotten to hang out and interview some of the top pros. Now, I go to support them and they are nothing short of awesome.

In celebration of Instinct's 1st place win at Columbus, I thought I would start with them and go from there.

This is their logo which is where I got most of my color inspration. The main difference is that I decided to use white as the dominant accent color and black as the secondary as I think it looks better on my eye.

Now onto the colors used.

On the Eyes:
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Sephora 5-in-1 palette - Shimmery Grass Green Color and Shimmery White
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes - Jet Black
  • MAC Pro Longwear Mascara - Jet Black
So not much is really needed to achieve this look but with the bright green, I think it adds a bit of a pop to the look. Now for the photos!

June 19, 2011

EOTD: Daddy's Little Precious

This is the look I decided to wear for Father's Day. I chose the name because of the metallic, glittery touches on the inside and outside corners and also because my father got me into The Lord of the Rings when I was 9 years old and it continues to be something the two of us bond over. I also wanted something at least a little natural looking so that my dad wouldn't looks at me weird. ;)

  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Sephora 5-in-1 Palette - Matte Mushroom Brown, Metallic Gold (not Antique Gold), and Metallic Copper
  • Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Liner - Brown
  • MAC Longwear Mascara - Jet Black
I started off, as usual with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Patting it on my eyelid, brow, and below my eye. Once this was blended and a ready, I put the mushroom brown color on the main part of my eyelid. I was careful not to go too far into the crease or outside of the main lid. I patted some copper on the inside corner. I wanted to make sure to build a good base of color here. The same with the gold on the outer lid. I took the gold below my lower lashes.

After this, I lined my lash line with a brown eyeliner (Make Up Forever in Brown) on the top and bottom and applied two layers of mascara on my top lashes.

A relatively simple but nice look. :D

Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers in the world.

June 18, 2011

Review: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - Heroine

I bought this perfume oil from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab at MidOhioCon this past year. Yet again the proceeds of the sales benefit the Hero Initiative so how could I refuse?

Nepalese amber, East African patchouli, dark musk, apple blossom, petitgrain, aged leather, skin musk, and rhubarb.
When I put this fragrance on, the musk and leather seem to come to the forefront. This is my Quintessential Steampunk fragrance even in lieu of Violens. I think it's because of the leather in addition to the 2 different musks. There's so much depth to the fragrance. The rhubarb and apple blossom aren't the most apparent on me but I am perfectly fine with that. Knowing my luck, they're in the background silently influencing my nose and teasing it.

Like I said in my other review, please make sure you try perfume oils on before purchasing a full size. Black Phoenix has what they call Imp's Ears in most (not all) of their fragrance oils and they are quite affordable. Especially when for most oils you're spending $26 for 5ml. Still worth it to me when I find that amazing fragrance.

June 17, 2011

Review: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - Violens

This was one of my first purchases from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I purchased this from the Hero Initiative booth at Dragon*Con 2010. For those of you who are unaware, the Hero Initiative is a charity that assists for hire artists in the comic book industry with various medical bills. I have a friend who is being helped by them due to his ongoing battle with a rare form of Spinal Cancer.

With that out of the way, here is the description of the fragrance from Black Phoenix's site:
Scents based on the title characters from George Pérez andPeter David's groundbreaking comic book mini-series, 'Sachs and Violens'!

Part of Marvel's Heavy Hitters line, "Sachs and Violens" was a 4 issue comic book miniseries written by Peter David with art by George Pérez. The series was published by Marvel's Epic Comics imprint from 1993 to 1994.
George Pérez is one of the most popular and influential comic book artists currently working. He is best known for his work on Crisis on Infinite Earths, New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Superman, and the Avengers, and has most recently worked on DC's Final Crisis.
Peter David is an Eisner Award-winning Writer of Stuff, including epic runs with the Incredible Hulk, She-Hulk, Aquaman, and Spider Man.
Rugged and understated: five sandalwoods, dusty leather, and light musk.  
First of all, I want to note that when you are trying out new fragrances, always test them on yourself and see how they wear. Just because it smells one way on me doesn't mean it will on you due to body chemistry being different.

When I wear Violens the leather and musk come to the forefront. It reminds me of sitting in the corner with an old leatherbound book. It also evokes memories of what I think some things smell like in old pulp adventure stories. Indiana Jones' whip and leather jacket, as well as other similar items. These all bring about a sense of whimsy to me. I've also gotten compliments from other people around me when I wear it which makes me feel even better.

I love the packaging and label because I'm a huge comic book fan and even got to speak with George Perez a little after I bought it. He is a charming, wonderful man and very talented. I will definitely be buying more once I run out (IF I run out) and for a perfume oil, I don't mind paying the extra cash because it lasts me for so long.

June 15, 2011

EOTD: Sapphire Stardust

A very simple eye that can be layered to become more daring. Silver fades to a deep blue and eyes lined with a bright blue liner.

Items Needed:

  • TooFaced Shadow Insurance
  • Jane Zingers in Hi-Ho Silver
  • L'Oreal Palette in Sapphire Sea
  • Isadora Eyeliner in Blue
  • MAC Pro Longwear Mascara in Jet Black
I started off with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Now that I have it, I swear by it. And it really did help in the application of my eyeshadow.

Next, I patted on Jane Zinger in Hi-Ho Silver. I also dabbed some on the inside corner to add some sparkle there.

Now, I took the dark blue color from my Sapphire Sea duo by L'Oreal and put the blue on my outer corner and in my crease. Then, I lined my lashline with my Isadora blue eyeliner and flared it up at the corner.

Then, I applied 2 layers of MAC Pro Longwear Mascara in Jet Black to get a full lash look.

To Do List

So I thought I would tease you guys on some of the products that I have to review:

  • philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake scented shower gel, shampoo, and bubble bath in one
  • Geek Chic Cosmetics Fang Banger's Quartet Eyeshadows - As soon as the package gets here
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Liner Pencil
  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Perfume Oils
    • Heroine
    • Sachs
    • Violens
  • Sephora by OPI nail polish - Who Let the Dorks Out?
Let me know if you see anything here that you want reviewed first. :)

June 14, 2011

Small Update

As most of you can see, I am trying to work on some custom graphics for a layout for my blog. This way, I'm not just using another template. Please stay tuned while I tweak a bit and hopefully we should be up and running in full awesomeness.

In the meantime, please check out our fan page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Geeky-Nails-and-Beauty/103847393043107?sk=wall

FOTD: Simply Steampunk

Okay, so now, I thought I would move into creating some of my own looks. I'm still very new at this so please excuse the photos being at weird angles. I didn't have anyone to assist me in taking photos today.

This look is one that I wanted to create for both everyday as well as when I wear my Steampunk outfits. It's pretty simple and natural looking.

Items used:

  • Smashbox Foundation Primer
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 - Nude
  • MAC Iridescent Powder

  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (used as a primer/base on the eyelids)
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Omega
  • Laura Mercier Eye Liner - Mahogany Brown (It's a potted brown powder liner)
  • Rockeresque Cosmetics - Loose Eyeshadow - Beating Heart
  • MAC Pro Longlash Mascara - Burnt Umber

  • Laura Mercier Lipstick - Violet
  • Rockeresque Cosmetics - Beating Heart
Above is a photo of the completed look. I'm really pleased how this turned out since this was my first time putting a look together. It's very natural but also has a wow factor in certain light. My mom commented on how the copper of Beating Heart stood out when we were outdoors in broad daylight.

Now for the look I started off with Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. I use this because it doesn't go on too heavy but it definitely helps to even out my skintone for applying makeup. To finish off the foundation I lightly dusted it with MAC Iridescent Powder. A relatively simple start for an awesomely simple look.
For the eye, I started off by patting on some Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. I actually borrowed my mom's because since we're using it as a primer, it doesn't need to match your skintone exactly. Then, I patted on some MAC Eyeshadow in Omega. This goes all over the lid. Next, I take my detail brush and go into the crease with Rockeresque Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow in Beating Heart. This color isn't due out until later this summer but I know that Rockeresque loves to send out samples of upcoming colors so you may luck out with your next order. ;) For the lashes, I put on two layers of MAC Pro Longlash mascara in Burnt Umber. I also went along the lashline with Laura Mercier Eye Liner in Mahogany Brown. I tried to keep the liner dramatic but still somewhat subtle.
For my lips, I put on a single layer of Laura Mercier Lipstick in Violet. I kept it nice and sheer but added some Beating Heart for some subtle shimmer.

And that's it for this look!

June 13, 2011

Pro-Look: Smoky Green Eye

I went to my local Sephora store to learn how to do a smoky eye and the lady was so immensely helpful. I thought I would do a quick post to share photos.

I love the way that this opens up my eyes. She did both my eyes and my brows. I also chose a green base as opposed to a brown. This might be my look for the wedding but we're still experimenting. We might take a look at a tokidoki palette next time. :)

Review: Rockeresque Cosmetics - Eyeshadow - Beating Heart

So, before I begin, I want to note that this sample was sent as part of my joining Rockeresque Cosmetics' loyalty program. I had actually never used their products before but I knew that I wanted to eventually buy and try them out and since joining is free, even if I don't end up using it there's no harm and no foul, right? Well, when I received my membership card, I found a tiny baggie sample of Beating Heart. So I decided to review it as it's also a new shade coming soon. More to come before I ramble on about my whole review here but I wanted to at least disclose this from the start.

 Beating Heart with Flash
First of all like I disclosed in the first paragraph, the sample was a random reward for joining a loyalty program and not for publishing this review. I decided to do this on my own with no outside influences.

Second, when I saw Beating Heart, I fell in love. It's an intense orange copper eyeshadow with a lot of copper sparkle to it. Being a Steampunk, I fell in love. I swatched it on the inside of my arm over foundation primer and my tinted moisturize to let it stick. I love the orangey copper tone and it's relatively true to how it looks in the bag. It's great to just lightly dust on the eyes for a day look and can even be combined with other colors for a natural look as well.

 Taken in Natural Light
When I applied it to my eye for my Face of the Day (coming soon), there was a little bit of fallout which is to be expected but it was very easy to wipe off of my cheeks without ruining the rest of my makeup. This is quite hard to do with most shades that have glitter because they tend to leave behind that metallic and glittery shine behind even if the color is gone.
 The color itself has been done in many ways and many forms but is an amazing go to color and I can see why it has been redone so many times. I think I own about 3-4 copper or bronze colored eyeshadows and all of them are very similar they're just of different levels of availability. I will be milking this sample for as long as I possibly can since I won't be able to afford the full-size but I know as soon as I have the money I will be rushing to get the full-size. Speaking of, it's actually not even out yet! After I e-mailed the company, they said it will be released this Summer so be sure to be on the lookout!
This is my Simply Steampunk look that I will be writing a FOTD post this week about.

Final Verdict? OMG YES! ;)
To check out Rockeresque Cosmetics go here - http://www.rockeresque.com/

June 11, 2011

New Vintage/Costume Store Purchases

 Okay so there is a new vintage and costume shop here in town which makes me so excited. I went to the grand opening and found two absolutely gasp worthy items. One of which, I didn't even realize it's worth until I got home.
As a steampunk as soon as I saw these vintage gloves I knew they had to be mine. I wear a lot of khakis and assorted browns and these fit me amazingly well. The fit is what blows me away because I have very petite hands and it's so hard to find gloves that fit me let alone leather ones.
 My second amazing find was this Batman charm bracelet. Upon more research, I found that it was a piece of merchandise from 1966 stemming from the Batman live action series with Adam West. Most of the sites I've seen are trying to sell it for $45-90 depending on the condition. It was $8.50 at The Alley.

Here are some various close-up shots. The charms are Batman, Robin, Riddler, Penguin, and Joker. The enamel is definitely worn but I still think this is an amazing find and will love it for a long time. The other thing is that it mainly caught my eye because the main metallic color is gold. I've been wanting an old-fashioned charm bracelet for a while and gold goes with more of what I have. It wasn't until 5 minutes later that I realized just who was on it.