October 17, 2011

Review: Geek Chic Cosmetics - Science Fiction Double Feature, Back to the Fuschia, Happy Ending

Okay so call me addicted... (YOU'RE ADDICTED!) Thank you, but when I saw the LE Halloween set from Geek Chic Cosmetics, I knew it was something I had to have. The only thing I wasn't 100% sold on was the pink blush but we'll get into that in a moment.


Some of the items came in the typical organza bag, but I was actually surprised but happy to see a bag with owls peering out at me. On it were the trademark lips from Rocky Horror Picture Show and I knew instantly that it was Science Fiction Double Feature. A very nice touch ladies for those who may have too many organza bags. ;) The package also came with a min-frisbee with a black spider on it. :D

L to R: I'm Going Home, Madness Takes Its Toll, Sane Inside Insanity, and Rose Tint My World
 Eye Shadows:
I'm Going Home - Described on the site as a Robin's Egg Blue, I think this is the truest one I've seen. It has a frosty sheen to it which makes it a great lash liner but it can also be applied sheer all over the lid or as a crease color. In some ways, this color also reminds me of Smurfs and I kept thinking of Smurfette when I put this Sane Inside Insanity.

Madness Takes Its Toll - I was a little nervous about this color because I'm not normally a fan of very pale pastels but this makes an amazing, shimmery highlight with just a hint of melon-y green to it. I put it with Shiro Cosmetics to blend it out and lighten things up a little bit. My one complaint is that Madness seemed just the tiniest bit chalkier when applying it.

Sane Inside Insanity - A pale, pastel gold. It's not something I've seen around. I love blending this on the eyelid with Rose Tint My World on the outer corner of the lid. It definitely leans to the warmer orange-yellows than the green side of the spectrum but it still goes well with Madness Takes Its Toll.

Rose Tint My World - Probably my favorite eye color out of all of these. It's a warm rose color with an orange-gold almost duochrome-y glitter. From one angle on my lid you get the rosey pink and from another angle you get a warm orange sparkle. This is why I like blending it with Sane Inside Insanity.
L to R: Happy Ending, Back to the Fuschia, Sweet Transvestite

Happy Ending - When I put in my first lippie order, I realized that most of the colors I got would not be kosher for every day or the work place, so I thought I would add this clear gloss to my list and I am very happy with it. It's able to be worn on its own for an iridescent sparkle or over just about any lip color you could imagine. Very versatile.

Back to the Fuschia - Although my name didn't win the contest, I've been looking for another great hot pink lipstick and this time in an indie product. My current Holy Grail is Tokidoki's Lip Balm Stain in Pink Martini but this is a very close match. It may not be a balm or a stain but the color is beautiful and it starts semi-opaque so you can build it if you want to. Although the site says it is buttercream frosting flavored, I couldn't smell or taste it. Your mileage may vary.

Sweet Transvestite - A deep maroon, it looks rusty brown in the tube. This is one of those lippies I prefer to blot and then put clear gloss over because it brings out the red undertones. More reserved for evenings out and possibly with a neutral eye on formal days or evenings. Definitely matches Frank's awesome lips.

Touch Me - Okay, first of all, I had some trouble getting the swatch to show up on camera so I will do my best to make an addendum with a swatch as soon as I can. This blush looks bright in the jar and it is described as a candy pink. However if you take just the tracest amount and blend it over your cheek bone you actually do get a healthy pink blush that isn't too bright or over powering. This is the product that surprised me in the most positive way.

Final Verdict:
I wish the Science Fiction Double Feature set wasn't Limited Edition. A lot of the pastels are amazing for every day wear and Sane Inside Insanity and Rose Tint My World would work very well for the workplace without being too distracting. I love Back to the Fuschia because it's very close in color to my HG Tokidoki Lip Balm Stain. I never once imagined wearing bright pink blush but the sheer and buildable Touch Me just works.

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