December 28, 2011

Chanukah, Oh Chanukah Come Light the Menorah!

With this season, comes the celebration of giving. I thought I would share the small haul I received from those I care about this season.

My mom and dad got me my long awaited European Charm bracelet. This is something I've wanted for a while and something that can tell a story. I've never been a fan of charm bracelets because of how they dangle so this was something I could get on board for. Each bead represents something about me or something that I believe in. From L to R:

Puzzle Piece - I support Autism Awareness wholeheartedly. I participate in studies and also I try to help teach those around me a little more about what goes on and how different Autism can manifest.

Dreams Really Can Come True - This bead serves as a reminder. It is part of the Disney collection which is something I've been a fan of all of my life but also a reminder that no matter how hard things are, that dreams do come true and to never give up hope.

Daughter - With the English on the outside and the Spanish and French on the inside, this represents the fact that the bracelet and charms were a gift from my parents but also, as a multi-lingual individual, it represents one of my favorite hobbies.

From my brother and Jenn, a jersey scarf with the TARDIS screenprinted on it. I am wearing it as I type this and it is so comfortable. Doctor Who is a 20 year fandom for me. It is one of three fandoms that I keep returning to. Also, this scarf will be perfect for the human TARDIS costume I have planned.

Coming soon is a review of the two Timey Wimey collection eye shadows I received from my friend, Rachel Norris as a surprise and I will go into more detail there about that gift and also share a little bit about the colors.

I just wanted to take a moment and share the gifts I have received, not to brag, but to acknowledge that having wonderful friends and family with or without gifts is the best thing for someone.

Good Things Come In Small Packages... The Greens...

The final part of my memorial list of cosmetics for the perfect look inspired by the dragons of Anne McCaffrey's Pern. A lot of people don't realize that the dragons that inhabit Pern are based on equine musculature and anatomy as opposed to reptilian. That is also why they have smooth skin as opposed to scales.

For the Eyes:
For Nails:
  • San Francisco - SinfulColors
  • Fresh Frog of Bel Air - OPI
Most green colorants aren't safe for lips so it is hard to find a green lip color. That's not to say it's impossible but I haven't tried any that are out there and I'm keeping this list to things I have tried myself.

December 21, 2011

The Smallest Males, and Yet....

I'll admit, I never really paid the blues much attention but I remember them being quite quick when compared to the larger browns and bronzes. The same went for the greens when compared to the golds. I think my love of blue dragons comes also from another fantasy series however that is for another post entirely:

For the Eyes:
For Lips:
For Nails:
  • Swimsuit... Nailed It! - OPI
  • Gone Gonzo - OPI
  • Who Let the Dorks Out? - Sephora by OPI
Probably the color I have the most different cosmetics of which seems strange to me but at the same time makes some sense. :)

December 14, 2011

Brown Dragons, Riding Leathers, and Wingleaders

This one was probably a bit easier for me to figure out a multitude of cosmetics I use. I tend to stick with browns for a more natural makeup look and for professional looks.

For the Eyes:
For the Lips:
  • Espresso - Laura Mercier
  • Sweet Transvestite - Geek Chic Cosmetics
Sweet Transvestite was supposed to be more of a maroon but it tends to look a little more brown on most skintones including my own and I love it that way. It's unfortunately no longer available but I highly suggest checking out Geek Chic's lippies.

December 7, 2011

Bronzes for a Weyrleader

Now for the hardest color family for me to pick cosmetics from mostly because I don't have many bronzes! As I said in a previous post, my favorite dragonrider is F'lar, Weyrleader of Benden Weyr. I've always marvelled at the bronze dragons and secretly wondered what would happen if a woman impressed a Bronze dragon. Although it's never happened in the books. >.>

Bronze for the Eyes:
  • Small Key - Shiro Cosmetics
    • Probably one of the only true bronzes that I currently own. Shiro has and will always be one of my first go tos for browns and natural looking colors.
  • Everything is Bears - Shiro Cosmetics
    • I placed this in bronze and not brown because the multitude of gold glitter makes me think more of an oiled bronze than just brown.
Small Key is also lip safe although Everything is Bears is not!

Bronze for the Nails:
  • Warm and Fozzie - OPI's Muppets
  • Designer De-Better - OPI's Muppets

December 2, 2011

Review: OPI Muppets Collection

As some of you may know, a while back I posted a press release about the Muppets Holiday collection from OPI and I am so proud to say that I finally picked it up! I wasn't sure if I was initally going to get the entire collection but on seeing them, I had specific reasons for picking up the colors. The formulation overall is really great but I would suggest layering all of the glitters except Excuse Moi over other solid colors. I will list a few of my suggestions but there are so many more.
Top Row L to R: Wocka Wocka, Animal-istic, Meep Meep Meep, Warm and Fozzie, Designer De-Better, Pepe's Purple Passion
Bottom Row L to R: Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Divine Swine, Gone Gonzo, Gettin' Piggy With It, Rainbow Connection, Excuse Moi
Wocka Wocka - While I initially thought that this should have been the one to be the orangey bronze color, I am really in love with this deep cranberry red. It really looks different in different types of light. As I am typing this at the library, it looks like a deep maroon but when I am at home, it takes on more of the bright red color pictured above. I think that is what makes this red individual. The formula is great as it only took 2 coats on my nails and the surface dried relatively quickly.
Animal-istic - An orangey coral red that has an obvious glitter beneath it. At some angles it looks more like a coral pink and at some it looks more like the firey orange you see above. The thing I can say though is that it is a 2 coat formula and it reminds me of Animal's fur around his face. Despite being a holiday collection, I feel like this color is more suited to Summer and even then, it is one of 3 colors that I would only wear on my toes during those sandal wearing months.
Meep Meep Meep - A slight language warning for a moment... This is what I call "Holy Fuck It's Fuschia". It is a bright cool toned pink that is packed with glitter underneath it. This is another of what I consider "Summer Toe Colors" as it isn't something I would wear on my fingers without a reason such as costuming or evening. However, also doing nail art, I can appreciate certain uses for a bright color such as this and I think it would look amazing underneath OPI's Black Shatter or something similar.
Warm and Fozzie - Probably the solid color that I was most looking forward to and it did not disappoint. Being a Harry Potter fan, I've always been keeping my eye out for that perfect bronze so that I could do Ravenclaw shattered nails. Unfortunately, most of what I've seen have used copper and I've even done that myself with Blue Shatter layered over it. Now, I have something that will make the perfect Ravenclaw nails with the colors from the books.
Designer De-Better - When I first saw this color, I thought it was a metallic silver, but I plesantly found I was wrong. This silver has a warm glow to it, thanks to flecks of orangey copper interspersed through it. This gives the silver a little more depth and warmth and individuality. I would probably still use this as a part of my Slytherin collection though because it will allow for a warm/cool contrase between the green and the flecks of orange.
Pepe's Purple Passion - This is the main color that I was going back and forth on getting. It is s deep grape color with a very subtle glitter in it. In fact, despite how the glitter shows up in the bottle, when the polish dries, it doesn't show up at all. It's a little disappointing. This is one that I would probably use on my toes or with some sort of light Shatter coat to brighten it up. My mind keeps floating to the Silver Shatter but I think the bright purple from Sally Hansen might work as well.
Fresh Frog of Bel Air - The swatch above is a single coat of glitter polish over Fantasy Maker's Black Magic in the solid black. I already spoke a little bit about why I love this polish in my earlier entry but I can't say it enough. This is Slytherin glitter in a bottle. Some colors I suggest layering it over are:
  • Black Magic - Fantasy Makers
  • Mermaid's Tears - OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides
  • Stranger Tides - OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides
  • Wocka Wocka - OPI's Muppets
  • Designer De-Better - OPI's  Muppets
  • OMB - Nicole by OPI

Divine Swine - One of my top three colors from this set. It is a glitter polish set in a clear gel. It has two different sizes and colors of glitter, small round purple glitter and medium hexagonal silver glitter. It is the same idea of Fresh Frog of Bel Air and Gone Gonzo but with a different color for the small glitter. I bought this because I go to parties and assist in running them as well. Soon, my department is going to be changing and my departmental color is purple so I felt that coordinating my polish with my department would be a fun thing to wear at parties. For fun layer it over:
  • Black Magic - Fantasy Makers
  • Prized Possession Purple - Nicole by OPI
  • San Francisco - Sinful Colors

Gone Gonzo - Wow! How much fun is this turquoise blue glitter? Just like Fresh Frog and Divine Swine the turquoise is the small round and hexagonal is silver. I've layered this over a couple of colors already and had so much fun with it. For fans of Star Trek it is the perfect medical/science blue and can layer over black, grey, red, and blue. I see this color getting quite a bit of use on holidays such as Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, and Independence Day but it's also a very fun color for the toes when you want quite a bit of sparkle. Suggested pairings include:
  • Swimsuit... Nailed It! - OPI's Miss Universe
  • Black Magic - Fantasy Makers
  • OMB - Nicole by OPI
  • Wocka Wocka - OPI's Muppets
  • Designer De-Better - OPI's Muppets
  • Warm and Fozzie - OPI's Muppets
  • Copper Penny - Revlon
  • Who Let the Dorks Out? - Sephora by OPI
Gettin' Piggy With It - While on the surface this looks like a red version of the other glitter polishes I was very happy to see that in addition to the larger hexagonal silver, it had larger hexagonal red glitter mixed in with the small round. This is going to be a perennial favorite of mine during football season due to the scarlet and grey being my hometown team. It also would make a great pairing over blue polishes for Independence Day. I also think of ruby slippers when I see this and when put over a red polish although the glitter is a bit less obvious, the light glints off of it just right. Pair it with:
  • Black Magic - Fantasy Makers
  • OMB - Nicole by OPI
  • LilyChrome - Revlon
  • Designer De-Better - OPI's Muppets
  • Wocka Wocka - OPI's Muppets
  • San Francisco - Sinful Colors
  • Swimsuit... Nailed It! - OPI's Miss Universe
  • Steady as She Rose - OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides

Rainbow Connection - How beautiful is this? It is a multi-colored glitter with both small round an larger hexagoal glitters in all of the colors. I bought this specifically for New Year's as it reminds me of the fireworks and also of the ball dropping in Times Square. This is a very hard polish to match with a color underneath so I suggest keeping it dark and neutral like the Black Magic pictured above. That way, each and every color pops and none of them get lost in the shuffle.

Excuse Moi - This is the only glitter polish that you do not have to layer over a solid color. Instead of a clear gel, you have the nice light, bright pink that you see above. The other thing that makes this pink individual is that in addition to the pink and silver glitter, you have flecks of gold and green. Out of all of the Miss Piggy inspired colors, I think this sums her up in a single polish. That's not to say I don't like the others but I can definitively see that this is Miss Piggy on first glance. The first coat was easy to work with and this is the first time I can say I love a pink like this.

To sum everything up:
Pros - You can see where the majority of the colors take from their inspirations. I would have switched around a couple of names but that has nothing to do with my love of the colors. These colors for the most part would also be amazing for that holiday party that you go to but also there are plenty of classic colors that you can get away with wearing everyday. My favorites are:
  • Wocka Wocka
  • Excuse Moi
  • Fresh Frog of Bel Air
  • Warm and Fozzie
Cons - One of the colors doesn't even show its glitter finish and the color itself is quite dark for fingers. Not too many points off for this but it's something that hit me when trying these out.

Would I buy again?  Yes.

Quintessential Color: OPI's Fresh Frog of Bel Air

Okay, I never thought I would find another color that was more quintessentially Slytherin than San Francisco from SinfulColors but OPI has now proven me wrong.

Fresh Frog of Bel Air from OPI's Muppets collection is small round bright green glitter with larger hexagonal silver glitter in a single polish! While the larger glitter can be somewhat harder to work with, it just takes practice and a good base color underneath it. In the picture below, I have a single coat of Fresh Frog over Stranger Tides from OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

To highlight the glitter, I took this picture with flash. Other colors I suggest as base coats for this polish are:
  • San Francisco - Sinful Colors
  • Mermaid's Tears - OPI
  • Black Magic - Fantasy Makers
You can also go with blues but I think the above make the glitter pop even more.

December 1, 2011

Critical Hit - Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick - Persian Melon

Okay, so some of you may know that I have been looking around for the perfect pink lipstick for me. I've tried some bubble gum pinks but they were all a smidge too bright and not in the right way. They were too cool toned and only good for night time or low light situations. Some of you may also know that I have been obsessed with ABC's new show Pan Am and have been researching the uniform and requirements.

Through my research I found out that the lipstick color they wear on the show is Revlon's Persian Melon so I thought I would go out and try some.

 I have to say that I was pleased with the result. So pleased that I have added it to my list of Critical Hits (more commonly known as Holy Grail products). I think what I love about this is that it allows for brightness but it enhances my natural lips which are highly pigmented as it is. On the other hand, if I am going out for the evening, I can build the color even brighter for those low light times or when I am clubbing.
Indoors with no flash
I've found that when I am wearing red lipstick, I tend to go for the cooler toned (Russian Red from MAC is still my fave) but with pinks, I've liked the warmer toned (Persian Melon).

Has anyone else noticed this with themselves?