November 30, 2011

Golds Fit For a Weyrwoman

As I posted, I wanted to do a memorial for one of my favorite authors, Anne McCaffrey. I wanted to do a list of some of my favorite cosmetics both high end and indie that fit the colors of dragons in Anne's world of Pern. I've been a fan of Pern and its dragonriders for 15 years and it has always been something that inspires me and keeps me moving forward.

From the Pern Digital Wiki:

Golden dragons are the queens. They are the only dragons capable of reproduction, because Kitti Ping genetically engineered them that way, and not because firestone makes the Green infertile. They are the largest of the dragons and are known for their strength and stubbornness. They only mate with Bronzes and the occasional Brown. The rider of the senior queen in a Weyr is the Weyrwoman.
I always dreamed of being in a leadership position like the Weyrwomen. So I thought I would start today with some of my essential gold cosmetics.

For the Eyes:
  • The Imp - Geek Chic Cosmetics
    • This continues to be one of my perennial favorites. The thing I like about this color is that while the base is gold, it isn't flat by any means. There are flecks of red microglitter that give it a spark and fire at certain angles. Some people call this a copper but I still see the yellow of the gold and the red as two separate colors. This makes it a great Pern color as it can be used in a look inspired by the Queen dragons or even the red star.
  • Master Sword - Shiro Cosmetics
    • This gold is very understated but gives just a hint of shimmer.
  • Wishful Thinking - Sweet Libertine Cosmetics
    • Although this color was only available to members of the Eyeshadow of the Month club, I wanted to list this here as it is a multi-faceted antique gold with green undertones.
Gold isn't really one for too many other types of cosmetics but for the nails, I highly suggest a gold crackle over black or even over a copper or bronze.

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  1. It makes me so sad that she died. Anne McCaffrey's Pern books were my first foray into fantasy novels, and they've held a very near and dear place in my heart ever since.

    Nail polish, I automatically think Sally Hansen's Gilty Pleasures, or on the higher end side, Chanel Peridot... especially since it's got the duochrome in it!