March 19, 2012

Girl on Fire Week - Review - China Glaze Capitol Colors - Fast Track

No flash, indoors.
Today's edition of Girl on Fire Week is a review of China Glaze's Fast Track from their Capitol Colours collection.

Although this color is now supposed to represent District 6 for Transporation, it will always represent what it originally was supposed to, Katniss Everdeen. Some of you may know that China Glaze changed the marketing strategy for this set, and I'm absolutely okay with that as the new marketing appeals to a wider audience.

With that aside, this has got to be one of my favorite colors out of the entire set. It's a sandy brown packed with gold glitter. The perfect every day color for someone who wants a little bit of pizazz. It reminds me of how Katniss came from The Seam which are the slums of District 12 but as she becomes the Girl on Fire, there's another side to her.

The color itself is a two coat color so a good formulation. My only complaint is that even with a base and a top coat, my polish tends to chip on certain fingers. I am very hard on my manicures as I type at a computer a lot and my phone is a touch screen so if you want this to last, a few touch ups will be in order. Luckily, though, the chips aren't that apparent if they're small due to the neutral nature of the polish, so I've not really had an issue with letting it chip a little bit. With that in mind, it stayed for about a week.

Overall, one of the best colors if not the best color.

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