December 28, 2011

Chanukah, Oh Chanukah Come Light the Menorah!

With this season, comes the celebration of giving. I thought I would share the small haul I received from those I care about this season.

My mom and dad got me my long awaited European Charm bracelet. This is something I've wanted for a while and something that can tell a story. I've never been a fan of charm bracelets because of how they dangle so this was something I could get on board for. Each bead represents something about me or something that I believe in. From L to R:

Puzzle Piece - I support Autism Awareness wholeheartedly. I participate in studies and also I try to help teach those around me a little more about what goes on and how different Autism can manifest.

Dreams Really Can Come True - This bead serves as a reminder. It is part of the Disney collection which is something I've been a fan of all of my life but also a reminder that no matter how hard things are, that dreams do come true and to never give up hope.

Daughter - With the English on the outside and the Spanish and French on the inside, this represents the fact that the bracelet and charms were a gift from my parents but also, as a multi-lingual individual, it represents one of my favorite hobbies.

From my brother and Jenn, a jersey scarf with the TARDIS screenprinted on it. I am wearing it as I type this and it is so comfortable. Doctor Who is a 20 year fandom for me. It is one of three fandoms that I keep returning to. Also, this scarf will be perfect for the human TARDIS costume I have planned.

Coming soon is a review of the two Timey Wimey collection eye shadows I received from my friend, Rachel Norris as a surprise and I will go into more detail there about that gift and also share a little bit about the colors.

I just wanted to take a moment and share the gifts I have received, not to brag, but to acknowledge that having wonderful friends and family with or without gifts is the best thing for someone.

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