December 7, 2011

Bronzes for a Weyrleader

Now for the hardest color family for me to pick cosmetics from mostly because I don't have many bronzes! As I said in a previous post, my favorite dragonrider is F'lar, Weyrleader of Benden Weyr. I've always marvelled at the bronze dragons and secretly wondered what would happen if a woman impressed a Bronze dragon. Although it's never happened in the books. >.>

Bronze for the Eyes:
  • Small Key - Shiro Cosmetics
    • Probably one of the only true bronzes that I currently own. Shiro has and will always be one of my first go tos for browns and natural looking colors.
  • Everything is Bears - Shiro Cosmetics
    • I placed this in bronze and not brown because the multitude of gold glitter makes me think more of an oiled bronze than just brown.
Small Key is also lip safe although Everything is Bears is not!

Bronze for the Nails:
  • Warm and Fozzie - OPI's Muppets
  • Designer De-Better - OPI's Muppets

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