July 29, 2011

Image Heavy Update: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition still recruiting volunteers!

Okay everyone, I know... I know this isn't a beauty related post at all but just as much as I am into discussing makeup and sharing my adventures with it, I love volunteering. I am very lucky that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is in my hometown of Columbus next week and they are still looking for volunteers and some materials! You can also donate to the builder and family funds for this build. I am already signed up to volunteer and I've spoken with some of the behind-the-scenes folks and it's amazing at how receptive they are to ideas from the community. They are genuinely dedicated to making this a community project.

I will be volunteering on the build site Thursday, August 4th, Tuesday, August 7th, and Wednesday, August 8th. I've also spoken with a few people and will be taking photos while I'm in upstate New York for my cousin's wedding that weekend.

There are a few urgent needs that if you are in Central Ohio and you can donate some of these items, then head over to http://www.joinextreme.com/ohio and let them know!

They need an outdoor rod iron stairway, framed mirrors (can't be cracked but otherwise any will do), and some skilled volunteers. More information is at the link above.

Also, I wanted to share some of my photos from the pep rally for the build that was held last night. I donated blood to the American Red Cross in honor of the show and the build as well as I had mentioned before, shared my ideas with some of the design folks.

The Ohio State University cheerleaders were on hand to get everybody geared up for the build next week. It was my first time really seeing them cheer as I've never been to an OSU football game before.
I now know part of the reason why Earle Bruce is such a respected coach in Ohio State history. He spoke about banding together as a community and a little bit of his experiences as a football coach. I was honored to be able to hear him speak.
Milan Vasic, Senior Producer and all around great guy, showing us what Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is really about and also sharing some facts that not many people know about the process and how this show even came about in the first place.

Although I can't blog about any details of the contents of the house or room, you can expect some updates for while I'm on the build site and also calls for any submissions. You can also keep checking http://www.joinextreme.com/ohio for more updates as well.

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