July 31, 2011

Review: Laura Mercier Eye Basics

So I went recently to an eyebrow event at Saks Fifth Avenue and got a lot of amazing tips from the traveling artist who did my makeup. One of the things she suggested as a must have for me was their Eye Basics. It's an eye shadow primer but to me, this seems like it has a bit more coverage than Too Faced Shadow Insurance. This is something that has made this product stick out a bit to me because my eyelids do have some discoloration to them. While some people have suggested to use Shadow Insurance on it's own as well it doesn't have the coverage that allows me to feel comfortable enough to wear it without putting an eyeshadow of some sort over it.

Eye Basics does the same thing that most eye primers do as well which is to lengthen the wear of your eyeshadow. I actually found that I had less creasing than with Shadow Insurance and it wore quite a bit longer. I didn't feel like my makeup was melting in the heat and that is amazing considering the heat wave that we're in the middle of here. I felt very comfortable and didn't feel like I was wearing too much makeup. Another plus in my opinion.

The packaging is a tube similar to lipgloss and some concealers with a doe foot applicator. The way I apply it is that I tap the doe foot on my eye lightly and then I spread it across my eyelid with a concealer brush. Pretty easy and great coverage.

Bottom Line: 3/5

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