September 24, 2011

Bath and Body Works: Spiced Apple Toddy Candle and Owl Holder

One thing I love about living in Columbus, OH is that we have test stores for a lot of the Limited Brands. One of my newest obsessions are the Slatkin & Co. mini-candles that you see at Bath and Body Works as well as White Barn Candle stores. The White Barn Candle store I go to is one of the test stores so would you believe they already have their Winter fragrances out? However that's not what this entry is about. I recently bought a mini-candle holder and 3 candles. I thought I would review these in a series. In the picture above, you can see my first candle up for review in this series lit behind the owl candle holder. The fragrance is Spiced Apple Toddy.
Spiced Apple Toddy is what I feel every Autumn apple fragrance should be. It's packed full of spices and smells to me like a stronger Spiced Cider which is precisely what I wanted when I picked up this candle. Some might consider it a duplicate and it is pretty close however I never really liked Spiced Cider because it wasn't that strong. This candle fills up my entire room with the smells of Autumn that I so love.

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  1. Lucky that you live near the test stores - must be exciting to try out new scents and also get them earlier! :)

    Spiced Apple Toddy sounds great. I love fall scents!