September 5, 2011

LotD: Firecracker

Firecracker is someone near and dear to my heart. I am an avid LARPer (Live Action RolePlayer for those not in the know) and Firecracker is my PC in White Wolf's Changeling: The Lost chronicle in the Camarilla Fan Club. I am going to include some of the blurbs about her different aspects so you can understand the reasoning behind this simple look.

Fairest - This is what you would call her Seeming. The Fairest are just as the name implies, very beautiful and usually striking. That doesn't just apply to conventional forms of beauty. Some are the beauty of flames and known as Flamesirens and some are the Dancers you see in music boxes. Due to this, Firecracker takes on a mostly human appearance except for pointed ears (not pictured).

Dancer - One of Firecracker's foremost inspirations are two characters from the movie Sucker Punch. The first, Babydoll (pictured to the left) is the lead character and the one who spearheaded the rebellion and the second is Blondie. I wanted to keep the make-up relatively neutral because that's the look that most of these characters have throughout the movie. Firecracker is agile however that's not something that can come across through make-up.

Soldier - This isn't a Fairest kith and in fact, is almost the antithesis of what most Fairest kiths are. It's the blessing that came with her Entitlement which we'll get into later. This manifested in a hidden strength. This is more coming from costuming rather than make-up.

The Pilgrims of the Endless Road - They are an entitlement which is an optional group that a Changeling may join. It has it's benefits however. The Pilgrims are dedicated to constant training and never falling victim to their weaknesses. Like a lot of the characters in Sucker Punch, Firecracker struggled with her sanity. It's something that brought her close to her own destruction and without the help of others, she would not be here today. She has her routine. This lends an unsettling feeling to her look. Yet again, it's hard to get across in make-up and will probably be left to most people's imaginations.

Summer Court - The Court of Wrath. Firecracker is close to the paragon of Summer Court. It manifests in her mien as visible streams of heat rising off of her body and as part of the make-up I used Bronzer to heat up my cheeks and nose.

Some of the other ancillary inspirations for this PC come from The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers which can be viewed for free on Hulu. This webseries tells the story of a group of heroes who use dance in order to manipulate their Ra. I take a similar stance with Firecracker's abilities. Two characters stick out to me... Sp3cimen (pictured to the right) and Ninjato. Sp3cimen has very robotic movements and yet to me still has a grace a rhythm. The thing that caught my eye about Ninjato was the mention of being "the first to sacrifice". She's also introduced in an intricate duet with Katana. I highly suggest checking out this series if you get the chance.
Now for the product list:

  • Laura Mercier SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain
  • Wet n' Wild Bronzer - Lost the color label... Sorry. Applied with a concealer brush to ensure that I only put a little on the nose and cheeks and blended.
  • Geek Chic Cosmetics Eye Shadow - The Imp
  • Bath and Body Works Liplicious Lipgloss - Princess in Training
So there you have it. The inspiration, story, and make-up look for an original character. The photos of the look were taken using a Nintendo 3DS handheld system. So no flash.

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