September 8, 2011

Review: Bath and Body Works - Halloween PocketBacs and Lotion

Okay so as I mentioned in my earlier post, I thought I would start by reviewing some of the newer products in my haul. These are all part of the Halloween line of limited fragrances. Now this is not the complete set of PocketBacs, they brought back favorites from last year such as Vampire Blood (a plum fragrance and my fave from last year), Haunted House (which is a sour drop, grape fragrance), Gumball, and Chocolate Chew. I picked up 2 out of the 3 from the Scary bundle as well as the Sinful Vanilla mini-lotion and a Pumpkin Patch mini-candle.
First up is the Scary Cats PocketBac. Normally, I wouldn't go for such sweet scented anti-bacterial gel but I like this one. For me, the fragrance goes on strong but fades quickly. This is a good thing for me because just every so often to I get the hint of Black Cherry fragrance that this PocketBac boasts. I have a lot of good memory associations with this style of black cherry and to me, it smells like Dr. Brown's Black Cherry soda which is something I used to drink a lot of around Passover as it has no corn syrup. Would I buy this again? Probably around Halloween but it's not an everyday fragrance for me.
Next up, Skulls which is in the new "Forbidden Apple" fragrance. This is something that has a lot of depth despite being a pure apple fragrance. It's a red apple fragrance so it's definitely sweet but there's something to it that reminds me of the freshness of smelling a red apple before it's been bitten into. This fragrance is a bit stronger than Scary Cats but in my case, it's not a bad thing. It's more refreshing than sickeningly sweet.
Sinful is definitely the right descriptor for this vanilla lotion. The vanilla based fragrances tend to be my go-to sweet fragrance. It goes with almost any fragrance I may put on at another time in the say and usually blends pretty well. Sinful Vanilla is no exception. It has a rich, buttery vanilla fragrance that makes me melt and relax every time I smell it. I wish it were more than just a Halloween fragrance and I would love to see them work this into the regular Signature Collection, even if it means a name change.
First of all, I want to note that I've already used candles that have the Pumpkin Patch fragrance and it's one of the things I look forward to every Fall. With the release of the new mini-candles however, I don't feel like I'll get sick of one fragrance while the candle is only partially used. For folks who may not want the bat on their candle, it's a plastic wrapper around the white candle and it's easy to remove. Since it's Halloween, however, I decided to keep it on there. I really like the idea of the 1.5 oz. candles and will continue to try other fragrances in them.

  • Scary Cats - Something I would keep only for Halloween but not something I would use every day.
  • Skulls - Amazing. One of my must buys and I would love to see this in the main candle collection.
  • Sinful Vanilla - Another one of my go-to fragrances.
  • Pumpkin Patch - A perennial Fall favorite and I love the new 1.5 oz candle size.

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