September 25, 2011

Review: The Sookie Stackhouse Companion

So, I will admit that I have been very lucky lately with winning online contests. Luckily, as my readers and as most of my prizes are nominally geek related, I will be sharing these prizes with you as they arrive and as I am able to try them out. The first prize I won was a signed copy of The Sookie Stackhouse Companion. I will admit that normally I don't go for companion books such as these but I was very pleasantly surprised by the content.

The first section of the book is a new short story in the Southern Vampire Mysteries universe. I really liked it because it took Sookie away from the vampires for a little bit and showed what was happening in the world outside of Louisiana a bit more. Another thing that I should note is that I am not entirely caught up on the novels so I am coming in with a relatively fresh perspective and I realize that I am reading things a bit out of order.

Probably one of my favorite sections is the recipe section. It has recipes both fan submitted and ones from Charlaine herself (or her characters) including Gran's Blue Ribbon Chocolate Cake and a recipe for Fried Pickles which are one of my favorite pub foods. I have yet to try the recipes however there will be more entries as I do. I am so excited to try diving into these.

There are also interviews with Charlaine Harris as well as Alan Ball (the creator of True Blood) which answers fan-submitted questions about Sookie, Eric, Bill, and all the rest of the Bon Temps gang.

While this book is meant for the more die-hard fans, it is a great insight into both versions of Sookie's world (books and television). There is also an index with some brief character histories and it lists the books in which they appear and for those that have died, the book in which they died.

A great resource for Truebies and Newbies alike.

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