August 16, 2011

Experiment: Home Made Lipgloss/Balm From Eye Shadow

So, today I decided I would try my hand at tinted lip balms using some of my favorite eye shadow shades. I knew some of these would rarely if ever be put on my eyes but they are lip safe so I figured why not make glosses out of them? I found something that is lip safe and it actually protects your lips from chapping a drying. It's Vitamin A & D ointment! The main downfall of this is the fact that it has Petrolatum and therefore tastes like Petroleum jelly. The smell however does fade pretty quickly. The other issue is pooling but I like that effect sometimes.

Okay first of all, I am using Geek Chic Cosmetics eye shadows for this project.

First off was N7, and I really like how this turned out. I wanted to try for a little bit more color but I made the batch too big. However when this goes on it does enhance my lip color just a little bit. It also has a subtle silver sparkle to it as well despite not having much of the red.

N7 on my lips as a gloss.
Next up is Purity Burns, which is a metallic and uber-glittery silver. I /really/ love this gloss because it will add sparkle and shine to just about anything I put it over. With iridescent glitter galore, this gloss would be perfect for any ice elemental or snow queen.

Next up is Eyes of the Werewolf. An amazing copper with an amazing glitter. Works pretty much the same as Purity Burns.

Mmmmm Blood Bond. This deepens my lip tone a bit which will be great over red or brown lipstick to warm it up a bit. It also has a great glitter like Purity Burns and Eyes of the Werewolf.
Viking King, antique gold with lots of glittery pay off and the glitter shows in the gloss.
These are all of the glosses I've made thus far. I'm thinking of mixing up a shade a week using various lip safe eye shadows as pigment. Next week, we'll have Continuum and possible Sleeping Bucket from Geek Chic and I know I would love to turn their Glitter Grenades into a glitter-packed gloss.

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