August 11, 2011

Review: Geek Chic Cosmetics - Assorted Full Sizes

Hey everyone!

So I finally decided to try out some more colors from Geek Chic Cosmetics and I thought I would share my thoughts and swatches with you. Although there is an extra swatch, I will be coming to that a little later as that's a Cosplay Foundation.

The set that I got the most from was Go Boldly which is their newest set inspired by Star Trek. Coming in 2nd if you include the sample baggie is N7 which is inspired by Mass Effect, and then I got a single eye shadow from the Mushroom Kingdom set which is inspired by Mario Bros. The little sample clamshell is Na'vi Navy, one of their cosplay foundations which I wanted to test out for a Mystique costume I have planned.

Unfortunately, my swatch photos didn't turn out as I liked so I promise there will be a new swatch post coming this week.

Up first is Naked Wedding. This color lends itself more to the lavender or pastel purples than many of the other Geek Chic purples. Despite this description, the color payoff is intense with very little build up. There is a good amount of glitter to it which photos really can't do justice at all. This is the purple with the most intense payoff and applies very smoothly. I have yet to see a purple quite like this in high end although there are plenty of similarly toned eye shadows with even more glitter but those have had next to no color to them.

Now we have What's Under the Helmet? from the N7 set. While I love this color, and it looks a lot more blue in the photo than it does in real life, when I went to use it in my crease, it just would not apply smoothly. I always ended up with one streak of intense color in the center and just hints where it's blended. Regardless, it will make an amazing eye liner so it's still worth it to buy to use for that.

Although not the brightest of the purples I got, this definitely has the most intense glitter pay off. I originally got this one for party nights and it lives up to that. It requires a little bit more build up but then the color stay and is intense. There is some fall out from the glitter but although I don't own it, I get the feeling like it's nothing that a little Pixie Epoxy or a similar product couldn't fix.

Ahhhh, Continuum. Never once did I ever expect myself to fall in love with such an amazing yellow. I purchased this to go with my Engineering uniform and it is amazing. The color pay off is great with very little build up necessary and that is even without a primer. I wouldn't suggest not using one as it makes it wear longer but I can't believe there's so much color in such a tiny amount.

Sleeping Bucket is one that is an interesting color for me but it doesn't have the intense pay off that I had hoped and seen in photos. I used it on my eyes over Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Cotton but it still didn't get as solid as I had hoped. This kind of reminds me of Cheetos but with a subtle glitter to it. Still something I will use just not quite what I expected.

As far as packaging is concerned, I was happy to see all of my products in a purple organza drawstring pouch. I don't know if that was on purpose since 3/5 of my eye shadows were purple (Chantel and Deb are cunning like that) or if it was what they had on hand. All of the full size jars were securely shrink wrapped although some of them when opened had some extra fall out around the rim. It got all over my fingers but I'm not sure if that can always be helped.

Would I buy these colors again? As a whole, absolutely. Even the colors that I was surprised with, I could still find an amazing use for and that says something. I love when products are versatile and I love the geeky theme of the inspirations (as if by the theme of this blog that weren't obvious enough). What's Under the Helmet makes a great eye liner if not a shadow and Sleeping Bucket is subtle but sparkly.


  1. Great review!! I love GCC you outta try there geek gloss and I got the hipster Ariel lipstick.. ah maze ing!!! Cant wait to see some looks with these colors!!

  2. @gunmetal27: The gloss and JoySticks are on my list of to try, unfortunately with limited money I had to make a choice and with the Buy 4 Get 1 Free code the eye shadows won out this time. I really want to review the BioBalms as well.