June 14, 2011

FOTD: Simply Steampunk

Okay, so now, I thought I would move into creating some of my own looks. I'm still very new at this so please excuse the photos being at weird angles. I didn't have anyone to assist me in taking photos today.

This look is one that I wanted to create for both everyday as well as when I wear my Steampunk outfits. It's pretty simple and natural looking.

Items used:

  • Smashbox Foundation Primer
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 - Nude
  • MAC Iridescent Powder

  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (used as a primer/base on the eyelids)
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Omega
  • Laura Mercier Eye Liner - Mahogany Brown (It's a potted brown powder liner)
  • Rockeresque Cosmetics - Loose Eyeshadow - Beating Heart
  • MAC Pro Longlash Mascara - Burnt Umber

  • Laura Mercier Lipstick - Violet
  • Rockeresque Cosmetics - Beating Heart
Above is a photo of the completed look. I'm really pleased how this turned out since this was my first time putting a look together. It's very natural but also has a wow factor in certain light. My mom commented on how the copper of Beating Heart stood out when we were outdoors in broad daylight.

Now for the look I started off with Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. I use this because it doesn't go on too heavy but it definitely helps to even out my skintone for applying makeup. To finish off the foundation I lightly dusted it with MAC Iridescent Powder. A relatively simple start for an awesomely simple look.
For the eye, I started off by patting on some Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. I actually borrowed my mom's because since we're using it as a primer, it doesn't need to match your skintone exactly. Then, I patted on some MAC Eyeshadow in Omega. This goes all over the lid. Next, I take my detail brush and go into the crease with Rockeresque Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow in Beating Heart. This color isn't due out until later this summer but I know that Rockeresque loves to send out samples of upcoming colors so you may luck out with your next order. ;) For the lashes, I put on two layers of MAC Pro Longlash mascara in Burnt Umber. I also went along the lashline with Laura Mercier Eye Liner in Mahogany Brown. I tried to keep the liner dramatic but still somewhat subtle.
For my lips, I put on a single layer of Laura Mercier Lipstick in Violet. I kept it nice and sheer but added some Beating Heart for some subtle shimmer.

And that's it for this look!