June 15, 2011

EOTD: Sapphire Stardust

A very simple eye that can be layered to become more daring. Silver fades to a deep blue and eyes lined with a bright blue liner.

Items Needed:

  • TooFaced Shadow Insurance
  • Jane Zingers in Hi-Ho Silver
  • L'Oreal Palette in Sapphire Sea
  • Isadora Eyeliner in Blue
  • MAC Pro Longwear Mascara in Jet Black
I started off with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Now that I have it, I swear by it. And it really did help in the application of my eyeshadow.

Next, I patted on Jane Zinger in Hi-Ho Silver. I also dabbed some on the inside corner to add some sparkle there.

Now, I took the dark blue color from my Sapphire Sea duo by L'Oreal and put the blue on my outer corner and in my crease. Then, I lined my lashline with my Isadora blue eyeliner and flared it up at the corner.

Then, I applied 2 layers of MAC Pro Longwear Mascara in Jet Black to get a full lash look.


  1. Love the look. I'm not ready for my shadow... it would melt off in the heat. Though we have had some nice weather this week I expect the heat come in again with a vengence! Nice look, great color.

  2. I'm doing a lot of these looks actually to practice for a wedding I have to attend in a few weeks. :) I have a couple of looks I can wear and there will be plenty of photos once I attend as I love my dress too. :D

    Thank you for the comment.