June 28, 2011

Review: Jordana Cosmetics - Lip Out Loud Lipgloss in VIP

So I had totally forgotten that I signed up to try their new lipgloss. As a disclaimer, this offer was available to all consumers and this free product is a full size product. It isn't technically a review sample. I am doing this full review on my own.

First of all, I'd like to preface this with an apology about the quality and size of pictures. I left my camera at a friend's place and I am waiting potential return. I will try and do some supplemental posts for all of my reviews with better pictures but I think these will suffice for the time being. These are taken by webcam so there is no flash. All natural light.

Above is the packaging. I was very happy to see a bright pink gloss as it seems the colors of the samples were sent out randomly. I use a lot of gloss whether it's over lipstick or just over my natural lips as it adds something regardless.

The applicator was something new to me. It's similar to a doe's foot applicator but it's thinner. I really like this because I have such tiny lips. I don't feel like I'm wasting product because I am putting so much outside my lips.

As I opened the bottle for the first time, I got a sweet melony scent coming from the gloss. I personally love this. I'm not one for scented lipgloss as much as I used to be but the melon is so refreshing.

As I put the lipgloss on, I found it actually pretty soothing. It's not sticky at all which amazed me because most glosses have even just a tiny bit of stickiness.

Not sure if the above picture really does this justice. There isn't any color to the gloss at all but it really does add a patent leather shine like the advertising suggests. I have an intense color to my lips naturally so I don't wear lipstick unless I am getting dressed up and I know I would absolutely wear this over any color.

This gloss didn't wear off until I ate dinner that night which was a good 2-3 hours after application. I keep my lipgloss in my purse so re-application isn't a problem. The thing I love is that after the gloss came off, my lips felt soft and moisturized which is hard to find in a gloss. A lot of times, glosses are more drying than lipstick or balm.

BOTTOM LINE? I will absolutely buy this again. I really didn't have any negatives to this product. It suits my needs, the packaging is nice and small so it's great for the purse so that you can apply it everyday. It looks good over lipstick or just over one's natural lips. It's a versatile gloss that can do just about anything. It's not drying and actually allows lips to feel great and comfortable.

EDIT: I forgot to include a swatch on my hand so here it is!

This is in indoor light. No flash.

EDIT: I put in a better close-up of my lips. I hope this works. :D

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