June 22, 2011

Quintessential Color: Copper Penny by Revlon

Okay well, I want to preface this to say that I am not sure how well this wears yet as I only just applied it. I got this bottle of gorgeous copper polish in a swap and I am already loving it as far as color goes. It's an amazing neutral which for me to say that means it's great. I'm not one to do neutrals on my nails. I chose a copper color because of all of my Steampunk stuff and this will go great. When it's darker in the room or low-light, the color doesn't pop as much but when you put it under direct sunlight, the orangey copper tones come through. It is definitely a true metallic which is another thing I love. :)

I will do a follow up soon with some observations on how it wears but until then, I wanted to share this wonderful color.

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