June 13, 2011

Review: Rockeresque Cosmetics - Eyeshadow - Beating Heart

So, before I begin, I want to note that this sample was sent as part of my joining Rockeresque Cosmetics' loyalty program. I had actually never used their products before but I knew that I wanted to eventually buy and try them out and since joining is free, even if I don't end up using it there's no harm and no foul, right? Well, when I received my membership card, I found a tiny baggie sample of Beating Heart. So I decided to review it as it's also a new shade coming soon. More to come before I ramble on about my whole review here but I wanted to at least disclose this from the start.

 Beating Heart with Flash
First of all like I disclosed in the first paragraph, the sample was a random reward for joining a loyalty program and not for publishing this review. I decided to do this on my own with no outside influences.

Second, when I saw Beating Heart, I fell in love. It's an intense orange copper eyeshadow with a lot of copper sparkle to it. Being a Steampunk, I fell in love. I swatched it on the inside of my arm over foundation primer and my tinted moisturize to let it stick. I love the orangey copper tone and it's relatively true to how it looks in the bag. It's great to just lightly dust on the eyes for a day look and can even be combined with other colors for a natural look as well.

 Taken in Natural Light
When I applied it to my eye for my Face of the Day (coming soon), there was a little bit of fallout which is to be expected but it was very easy to wipe off of my cheeks without ruining the rest of my makeup. This is quite hard to do with most shades that have glitter because they tend to leave behind that metallic and glittery shine behind even if the color is gone.
 The color itself has been done in many ways and many forms but is an amazing go to color and I can see why it has been redone so many times. I think I own about 3-4 copper or bronze colored eyeshadows and all of them are very similar they're just of different levels of availability. I will be milking this sample for as long as I possibly can since I won't be able to afford the full-size but I know as soon as I have the money I will be rushing to get the full-size. Speaking of, it's actually not even out yet! After I e-mailed the company, they said it will be released this Summer so be sure to be on the lookout!
This is my Simply Steampunk look that I will be writing a FOTD post this week about.

Final Verdict? OMG YES! ;)
To check out Rockeresque Cosmetics go here - http://www.rockeresque.com/

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