June 10, 2011

Quintessential Color: San Francisco by SinfulColors

So I thought I would go through my makeup collection and figure out some of my go to colors for various geeky events. The first one I chose was San Francisco polish by SinfulColors. This polish is a deep forest green that screams Slytherin to me and I have been wearing it to Harry Potter events for a while now. It also has a subtle sparkle to it that shows in direct light.

For the cost, this polish was an amazing purchase. I have yet to find a green quite like this or even close. I should note that this is available at Walgreen's for $1.99 a bottle. Some may ask whether or not it's worth it but it holds up just as well as any of my more expensive polishes.

As I was applying this tonight, my mother looked at it and commented that it's perfect for Christmas. Although this is true, we don't celebrate Christmas in our family. The geeky words that pop into my mind in order to describe this color are Slytherin, Fellowship (due to the leaf pins the Fellowship of the Ring wore), Emerald City, The Green Witch (The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis), green dragons (Pernese and otherwise), and Changeling (the Lost... The cover is green).

The current photos were taken with a flash. As I am a night owl, once the sun rises and I am awake, pictures in natural light will be posted.

This is the bottle and my fingers with 2 coats. Quite nice in my opinion and while it doesn't dry super fast, it doesn't really take that long either.

And here it is with just my nails.

All of my quintessential colors are ones that I will keep purchasing as long as they're still available.


  1. I totally agree. I have a sinful colors review I'm doing soon... it's incredibly cheap, and it holds up better than some polishes that cost 3 to 4x as much!

  2. Thank you for reading. I am hoping to pick up a few more of their polishes soon since I can get an even further discount through my dad. My mom keeps making fun of me because it's a Christmas green and we're not Christian but I just look at her and make faces.

  3. As a note though, I wish their website weren't down so that I could check out to see if they do PR stuff. I'm on OPI's press list so we'll see where that goes.