June 29, 2011

Review: Wet n' Wild Color Icon Trio Eyeshadows

So I had to go pick up my prescription today and I saw something I've been wanting to try. It was only $2.99 per trio so I though why not? Also I had heard that Wet n' Wild was an amazing budget cosmetics brand if you like high pigmented colors.
These are the two trios I bought. I used the one on the left which is called I Dream of Greenie in my EOTD: Patty O'Green entry from earlier today. On the right is Spoiled Brat.

Relatively simple for a trio, but what I love about these are the applicators. I've never been a fan of sponge applicators that come with eyeshadows but this one works really well. It's not hard to pick up color with a single, light swipe. The other applicator is a brush and is a little bit scratchy however even so, I like it because it's easy to blend into the crease. Each package has instructions on the back for a simple eye look as well. Another great thing is that they've pressed the locations for the colors right into the eyeshadow. True, it will wear down if you use it but by the time you do, you should know it by heart.

I... Love... These... Colors. From the moment I pattted the eyelid color in the bottom of the palette on, it was a vibrant green and has stayed that way. There's no creasing and the color isn't fading to show my skin very much. Both of the greens stay vibrant for a while.

Do I really need to explain how great of a value these are for $3.99?

Bottom Line:
I want the whole collection of colors, simple as that. They have great themes and range of color so one can get a natural or a dramatic look. I will probably pick up Walking on Eggshells next due to its neutral browns and cream colors.



  1. Hi, we are following you back!
    I have seen these and almost grabbed them a few times but was not sure how pigmented they would be. By your review now I know I can buy them, they are for my teens so value is really important, these girls go through make up like crazy. Thanks for the review :)

  2. @Smash Bravo Team:

    Absolutely! If you really want the vibrant color though always always still use some sort of primer underneath the lid. I have some swatches without and then the Patty O'Green and the Codex the Healer EotDs are looks done with Shadow Primer.