June 11, 2011

What's In My Bag - Major League Gaming Survival Kit

Okay so after lurking on a lot of makeup blogs, I saw this column over at LeGothique and I thought I would post the contents of my bag from the weekend of June 3rd. That weekend was one that I spent at a Major League Gaming event here in town and I have a survival kit for events like these,

First of all, Dr. Pepper sponsors the league and gives out awesome drawstring bags like this one. I almost always end up transferring my stuff to my new bag and this one was even better than in past years thanks to the tougher shoulder strings and the outer pockets.

 One of the main things I always pack are my Sharpie markers. At events like these, you never know who you'll run into and the pros are more than happy to sign autographs if they're not in a huge hurry (which isn't all that much unless they're about to play). I always keep these with me because even if you are not hunting for autographs, someone is and it's always nice to come in with the clutch and have markers that they can use. :)
Extra camera battery. My Canon PowerShot luckily came with two batteries. I always keep my extra charged and in my bag for easy changing.

I also kept my charger in there as there are outlets all over the convention center.

 This is my bag within a bag that holds both my cellphone and my ID.
My Anti-Bac gel. Sure I love meeting people but do I really want your germs? No thanks. This one is part of the Royal Collection in honor of the Royal Wedding. If The Tiara Fits is the name of the scent and it's a mixed berry frangrance. From Bath and Body Works

Also my Bath and Body Works lotions. I love Moonlight Magic which is in the center and the others smell predominantly of coconut. The coconut ones aren't my absolute favorite but these were also gifts.

What would a video gaming event be without a Nintendo DS? Yet again, you never know who you can hook up with. I've been playing Pokemon Black lately and training up my team to be the very best.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs fragrance oil in Sachs. The second link goes to the Hero Initiative oils page. Hero Initiative is a wonderful charity that helps for hire artists with cost of living and medical bills. I support this charity because they have helped a close friend of mine, Josh Medors, in his 3 year (and still going) battle with a rare form of Spinal Cancer.

While I got this issue of Black Belt at the event itself (which is why it's signed by MMA fighter Tim Kennedy), I had to keep it with me for those times when I'm just sitting around and waiting in line. Whether it's for the doors to open or waiting for a match to start, reading material is a girl's best friend.

And last but not least, lip gloss. It keeps your lips feeling good and shiny. This one is Princess in Training from the Royal Collection from Bath and Body Works. It has a nice orange flavor akin to that of a Creamsicle but with less vanilla to it.

I hope you enjoyed this note about my MLG survival kit. Hopefully I should have another for you next week.

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